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Blind Faiths 

About Thoughts of Josephine: 


The roaring 20s was a transitional time for women. The “flapper generation” was full of young women who were tackling the struggle for freedom and equality. 


100 years on, the 2020s mark a new wave of feminist mobilisation. We are aware of how far we have come - but also aware of how far we have to go. 


But what is the modern woman?


Thoughts of Josephine is a symbol of female strength - both physical and mental. It intertwines femininity throughout the last century and encapsulates what it truly means to be female.


The two sides of a coin. The two sides of a face. One we show, one we keep hidden. 


Dark, cold colours with a splash of colour. We look from afar, yet know we will never see.


A strong chin. One that has suffered blows yet continues to stand. 


The smoke of stress being blown away, yet the fire kept near.


Can we find equality? 


Special thanks to Rob Eades

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