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Paul Antara

June 2022


Image courtesy of Paul Antara

1. When did you know you wanted to pursue an artistic career? 

I have always loved art and have loved to draw. This one is interesting for me. I just do what I like!

2. When are you the most inspired? 

I am always inspired by what surrounds me. I also really like to look at the work of other artists, see what their art style is and be inspired by it. 


Image courtesy of Paul Antara

3. What something you struggled with early in your career and how did you overcome it?

At the beginning of their career, all artists need to declare themselves, show your paintings to the world. And I did it at the beginning of my career and got a lot of nice words from people from all over the world. 


Image courtesy of Paul Antara

4. Do you have an essential philosophy that guides you in your creative expression? 

No, I don't have that. I just believe in myself and do what I do best.


Image courtesy of Paul Antara

5. What is people’s first reaction when they see your art?

I get a lot of good things written to me. People from all over the world buy my paintings. My paintings are already in countries such as America, England, Norway, India. 

6. Besides from your chosen form of illustrative work, what’s another form of art that you would like to try out?

Music and dancing.


Image courtesy of Paul Antara

7. What is the greater goal you are currently working towards?

I am currently preparing for an exhibition in which I will take part already this summer. I look forward to this exhibition to show my paintings. 

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