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Hannah Muller-Hillebrand

November 2021


Image courtesy of Hannah Muller-Hillebrand 

1. When did you know that art was your calling? 

I started to create art once I was able to hold a pen. So basically I have been into art since I remember. My parents really encouraged it as well. 

2. When are you the most inspired? 

I think it comes in waves. Sometimes travelling inspires me, sometimes it is a conversation with a friend, sometimes it is a certain smell or sound. Anything and everything can feel inspiring to me. But nature always plays a huge role as well.


Image courtesy of Hannah Muller-Hillebrand 

3. What something you struggled with early in your career and how did you overcome it?

Earlier I did not struggle at all to be honest. Now with me taking everything a little more serious, I feel preassure at times. Thoughts like “am I good enough?” “how do other people feel about my creations?” “What if I will fail?” come into my head from time to time. But I think that is normal and I just try to listen to my own inner voice and stay as confident as possible.    


Image courtesy of Hannah Muller-Hillebrand 

4. Do you have an essential philosophy that guides you in your creative expression? 

Everyone is an artist. That is my way of looking at art. I think everyone can be an artist and everything can be art. It just depends on how you look at things. 


Image courtesy of Hannah Muller-Hillebrand 

5. What is people’s first reaction when they see your art?

There is no general reaction (thank god) - how boring would it be, if everyone reacted the same exact way, right? I get a lot of positive feedback from women though, who can relate to my feminist and self-loving messages that I try to convey though my work. 

6. Besides (e.g., painting), what’s another form of art that you would like to try out?

I love dancing and movement as a form of art as well. It can feel so therapeutic to move freely and use the whole body as my tool.


Image courtesy of Hannah Muller-Hillebrand 

7. What are you working towards?

I am currently working on a whole new collection. But before going public, I am connecting with lots of inspiring people from the art community. Talking, exchanging ideas and learning from each other is essential in my opinion to be able create with fresh, magical energy.

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