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Blind Faiths 

About Blind Faiths: 


How do we experience faith?


Is it in our hearts or our heads? Is it conscious or unconscious? Is it evolving or is it steadfast?


Blind Faiths tackles the journey of the human condition. Our inner and exterior fight with what society expects of us, what it expects us to be. 


We all experience and understand faith differently. Be it a difference in upbringing, culture, heritage or simply a difference of opinion. But we all have our bruises in life - our trauma. We can either show these bruises to the world or hide them away. 


Is our faith interior - a belief we feel deep down about a higher being? Or is it exterior - a true faith in ourselves to carry on despite the weight and pressure that we feel? 


Is blind faith still acceptable? Or should we dig deeper into what we believe? 


I’ll leave that for you to decide. 


Special thanks to Rob Eades

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