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Between Days 

About Between Days: 


They say that family is everything. The love - unconditional. The bonds - unbreakable. But is this the family we are given, or the family that we choose? 


I grew up with a Mother who was inherently strong. She raised two children in a country that wasn’t her own, teaching us in a tongue that wasn’t her own, but all the while creating a bond that truly was our own.


Every challenge my mother was faced with - she accepted with integrity, strength and grace.


Inspired by the five decades of my mother’s life, Between Days shows the transition of experience and age. 


Four masks graciously accepting the impending fifth. A delicately poised and elegant hand, open and ready to accept a new dawn. Red lips that scream strength and femininity. A single tear - one of joy or one of anguish? Light colours - a show of warmth and integrity. A trail of black - memories of the muddied path of a life lived in truth.


Between Days embodies the love we feel for each other. It is a celebration of life, motherhood and an exploration of how the adversities we face shape our past, future and present selves.

Special thanks to Rob Eades

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