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Anna Majidson

September, 2021

Photos credit to

Kevin Aubert - @kev.aub


Image courtesy of Anna Majidson 

1. When did you know that music was your calling? 

I’m not sure it is my calling but I know I don’t want to do anything else right now or for the next few years. Sometimes it’s a bitch but when I get on stage I feel very much convinced that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing . I think in a few years I might feel differently though. 

2. When are you the most inspired? 

When I feel very emotional about something specific, like an event that upsets me. Sometimes I also get phrases that pop into my head and come back and I know I wanna turn it into a song. 


Image courtesy of Anna Majidson

3. What something you struggled with early in your career and how did you overcome it?

Trusting myself rather than listening to others. At the same, it’s impossible to trust yourself when you don’t have a lot of experience so the only way to get passed it is for time to go by. Slowly, mostly through making mistakes, you learn what you like and don’t like, and then you start putting your foot down. 


Image courtesy of Anna Majidson

4. Do you have an essential philosophy that guides you in your creative expression? 

Surround yourself with people that are aligned with the same beliefs as yours. The energy will not flow otherwise. I only wanna work with people that are kind and respectful towards others, even if that means they’re not “sharks”. Otherwise, I won’t feel comfortable and I won’t work well. I hate working with somebody that imposes a power dynamic. Most people in the industry will go out of their way to make you feel inferior. I learned that I can’t deal with that type of relationship. 

Image courtesy of Cathrin Machin


Image courtesy of Anna Majidson

5. What is people’s first reaction when they hear your music?

I don’t really know! That’s a good question. But I couldn’t tell you what’s going on their heads. 

6. Besides music, what’s another form of art that you would like to try out?

I’d like to write screenplays 


Image courtesy of Anna Majidson

7. What are you working towards?

Bringing something to the table culturally, and always growing on a personal level. 

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