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Alina Poloboc 

April, 2021


Image courtesy of Alina Poloboc

1. When did you know that art was your calling? 

I have always liked art. Five years ago I realized that painting is what fulfills me and I decided to make it my profession. It all started in the city of Bolzano, Italy six years ago. I was attending a language school studying Italian and German. While in class, my mind strayed and I had a piece of paper and pen in my hand. I began to draw as my mind drifted and the teacher's voice faded away. A few minutes later I looked down and had a completed drawing in front of me. I was surprised at the drawing and will never forget that experience. I had never done that before and since then, I use headphones and music to replicate this experience in a private space. 

2. When are you the most inspired? 

I am inspired through the creative process and also when I complete a new work. Often when I complete one painting, I am inspired to create more and this is how I build my collections. Sometimes I find that I cannot just ‘create’ and need to take a break and then go back to work. I am inspired by events in my life and I use new feelings and experiences to fuel my creative process. I am a sensitive person and it is sometimes difficult to start a painting without an emotional starting point and a private peaceful place to concentrate on my work. Peace and stability are essential to my creative process.


Image courtesy of Alina Poloboc

3. What something you struggled with early in your career and how did you overcome it?

Early in my career I, like many others, had the thought of quitting and getting what I consider a regular job. Art is not easy. There are many hardships in a career as an artist. Dedication and patience have gotten me though these difficult periods. I have an enormous amount of respect for artists as their struggle and dedication to their careers is very challenging. Creating unique art and developing a unique identifiable style is one of the greatest challenges. I struggled to develop my style and create art based on it. To this date I continue to create and further define my paintings.


The challenge and success involved in the creative process motivate and fulfill me. As I develop my art, it is possible that my style will change. I embrace growth and look forward to what’s next. In the beginning I was very concerned with not being able to make a living as an artist. These difficulties tested my motivation. I did not have any friends or family in the arts and did not have the support of anyone who could guide me. I consider myself strong, independent and persistent. These qualities helped me get through four years in the beginning of my career. I am always growing and expanding my skills.

4. What’s your current favorite piece of art that you own?

In all honesty, I have no favorites as all of my works of art are very special to me. Each one of my pieces represents specific memories and feelings. I do love the first collection the most as it will always be special.


Image courtesy of Alina Poloboc

5. What is people’s first reaction when they see your art?

I have two definite styles of painting that I like, abstract and figurative. Each one is different and very influential in my work. When I first started I tried to focus on one style. However, as I create, I cannot restrain myself to just one style and I create what fulfills me, notwithstanding rules and labels which are imposed on art and artists. People who appreciate my art recognize my two styles and react well, and at times provide constructive criticism which I appreciate. 

6. Besides (e.g. painting), what’s another form of art that you would like to try out?

I love the theatre and as a child often dreamt of taking part in it. Although I have yet to participate, it is one of my dreams that will be realized. I admire how characters can be transformed on stage through the use of emotions. Actors need many years of practice, development and passion to become accomplished. I would love to learn more about the world of theatre.


Image courtesy of Alina Poloboc

7. What are you working towards?

I am currently working on some new projects, which inspire me a lot and give me a lot of strength and pleasant emotions. I am preparing a video project, in which I want to convey the connection between ballet and painting. The dance, the delicate and fine movements of the ballerina in real life and on the canvas. I am also preparing a secret collection, which I would like to present in the USA, London and Milan. For now, I can't give too many details about this collection, it's still a secret. ))) We have also scheduled several collaborations with artists and art galleries.

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