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About Us


Welcome to the Albateg website! 

After the novel coronavirus made its presence around the world, Albateg was created with the possibility of turning a moment of despair into an opportunity of aspiration. We are an experienced and creative crew based in Spain with connections with various artists worldwide. 

Our services has ranged from: Clothing | Content/Film Production | Design & Branding

Over the past year, we have aimed to push ourselves in our storytelling while exploring the different disciples of art. 


At Albateg, one of our objectives is to collaborate with fellow business and artists in championing their values and shooting storytelling content for their products & services with taking into consideration their image and persona. 


Tell us what you need and we will put together a tailor-made package for your project idea.

Our in-house and external networks include all types of professionals with experience within production to post-production.

At Albateg we are self-taught, we design what we feel, and feel what we design. We don't pause for too much, we have the canvas ready. 



 A fellow artist's poetic take on the journey of Albateg- 


From a consensus of senses, my compressed expression was incensed
by a hunger, a longing drenched in intense timelessness,
yet in-tensed
Shapes became voice, colors became lens, 
pencil and brush became touch; then the chaos in my soul made sense


The silence emitted sound, then a whisper, then a babble
Then a note, then a shape, then meaning, and stories unraveled
I felt what I saw, I emoted what I heard, I revealed my being and roads I traveled
Today the canvas is my stage for narrating encountered stories, and every nuance is truth
I now seek to tell these stories with the visual vocabulary that I discovered—or better yet, that discovered me- in my youth
Proofed in the fires of my heart; cured, sweet, intoxicating, vermouth!


This is the vision, the mission: to create and narrate
To reveal experiences: to relate and state
Through which a new universe is realized, where this world and the next connates 
Albateg: Experience awaits! 

- by Dayne Malcolm @phoenixstkristoff

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